It’s Pork, but Medicinal!

Medicinal Pork is not your average pig or frog, think higher. No presale, no taxes, all fairness.

About Medicinal Pork:

At Medicinal Pork, we celebrate the unconventional and redefine the meme space. We've crafted a unique journey with no presale, zero taxes, and a commitment to fairness. Following the legacy of our forefathers and removing of snipers to ensure medicinal fairness for all humans. Join us as we make memecoins great again.

How to Buy $MORK:

Ready to join the $MORK Community? Follow these steps:

Create a Wallet:

Download MetaMask or your preferred wallet. If you're on desktop, grab the MetaMask Chrome extension.

Get Some ETH:

Ensure your wallet holds ETH. Buy on MetaMask, transfer from another wallet, or acquire from an exchange.

Go to Uniswap:

Connect to Uniswap via or your MetaMask browser. Paste the $MORK token address, select MORK, and confirm.

Switch ETH for $MORK

Our tax-free system makes it easy. Adjust slippage during market volatility if needed.

$MORK Tokenomics:

Total Supply:


CA: 0xF161583C15Bdf168358f618eB096CAaE00cd1548
No team tokens, full supply dedicated to LP.

Initial LP




Our Path to Greatness:

Join us on this thrilling journey:

Phase 1:
MemeDive into the meme culture with $MORK's unique charm.
Phase 2:
Vibe and HODL. Embrace the vibe and HODL mentality as we build a strong community.
Phase 3:
Meme Takeover, Witness the meme takeover as $MORK establishes dominance as the largest memecoin.

Connect with Medicinal Pork:

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